-Develop personal skills     
-Create a CV with impact
-Interview with confidence
-Guarantee an interview
-Gain Qualifications to boost your employability

Complete all or part of our 4 step employment programme to give yourself the best possible opportunity for employment. 


step 1

Develop your personal skills to improve your chance of maintaining employment

step 2

Develop your CV, covering letter and interview skills

step 3

Complete a course relevant to your chosen career pathway

step 4

Undertake a guarenteed interview with a local business

guarenteed interview

employability skills

Lifestyle management

courses for careers


step 1

Lifestyle Management

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The initial phase of the programme looks at the personal development incorporating mental, emotional, social and physical health.

Through our online services each participant will have access to video content, questionnaires, self analysis models and one to one coaching.

Qualifications you can achieve:

•Level 1 Award in Mental Health

•Level 1 Award in Stress Management

•Level 1 Award in Nutrition and Health

•Level 1 Cert in Well-Being

•Level 2 Cert in Mental Health Awareness

•Level 2 Award in Nutrition and Health

•Level 2 Cert in Improving Personal Exercise, Health and Nutrition

step 2

Employability Skills


We prepare individuals for all aspects of the employment process. Service users  complete a portfolio of work to evidence their knowledge and skills and engage in seeking and gaining employment. They will receive training, advice and guidance across CV writing, interview technique, and maintaining employment.


Qualifications you can achieve

•Level 1 Award in CV Writing

•Level 1 Award/Cert in Employability Skills

•Level 1 Award in Job Search and Interview Skills

•Level 2 Award/Cert in Employability Skills

•Level 2 Award in Job Search and Interview Skills

step 3

Career Specific Qualifications

Construction Worker

Service users are supported when transitioning from pre-employment into employment to ensure sustainability. Service users will be able to access additional accredited training opportunities in line with Government funding opportunities, with PSE Training

Further Qualifications you can achieve

•Fitness instructor

•Warehouse and Storage

•Customer Services

•Health and Safety​

step 4

Guaranteed Interview


With our extensive links to recruiters, employers and businesses, service users are given real employment opportunities. Service users will be guaranteed the opportunity to interview with one of our partner employers. All our of our partners have an extensive range of opportunities within their company.